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    Technical Patch №11

    What's new:
    1. Implemented time indication to the game chat.

    2. Now when we will be shutting our servers down for maintennce works, you will receive an ingame pop-up about it.

    3. Now you will be able to skip tutorial even without completing the first mission.

    4. Redesigned Unit Info screen.
    Now it will be more comfortable for you to see all the characteristics at once.

    5. Added Ukranian localization!
    Ukrainian translation was brought to you by STS UA members: Denys Nyzhnyk and Leonid Khlivnyuk!
    We truly appreciate the dedication STS UA put into our game to help our Ukranian players experience the game in their native language.

    Please don't forget to check STS UA's page out.

    P.S. We are deeply interested in bringing Blitzkrieg 3 to as many languages as possible. You can participate in our translation project -, and help us and many other players enjoy the game on other languages. If your native language is not under one of the target languages under the project you can always sugguest to the team to add more languages. We will gladly reward every solid contribution with Blitzkrieg franchise games, units and etc.!

    6. Custom game and Battle reports have switched places.
    Now Custom game can be find in the menu and Battle reports can be spotted on the globe.

    Fixed issues:
    1. Optimised memory usage.
    This should help prevent many cases when you could receive an "Oops! The game is crashed" error.

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    Can I ask when game will translate into Cambodia. I am very interested in this game, but language is a barrier make me confused. Hope game will have Cambodia translate. Thanks for reading my thought.



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