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    Creating fun

    Playing Blitzkrieg is not only about participating in breathtaking battles, but also about having fun. Are you as strong in the latter as you are in the former?
    If so, then write a caption for this pic.

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    can some tell me where I get home .... hello ???
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    5BQQSwsnmcY.jpg .........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boza View Post
    5BQQSwsnmcY.jpg .........

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    very nice,thanks for sharing

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    Creating fun

    Thank you very much. It's much more easier than REBOL But, is this the only method of calling functions?

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    White flag?

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    The only method of calling....
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    I do have a question regarding the forums. I am not allowed to start new threads? Is there some limit or so?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeZanic View Post
    I do have a question regarding the forums. I am not allowed to start new threads? Is there some limit or so?
    you can start new threads.

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    Creating fun

    Do you have enough space on the scratch disk for PS? Even though you have enough RAM its probably using the scratch disk as well.

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    There you go:


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    Loool great thread , nice idea those pics really makes me laugh

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    Lol that's really funny

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    hehehehehe , you made my day

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    Thank you for sharing. caption "fight or die". hihi. just kidding.



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