I wacht all replays attacks that been done against my bases and what i do againts other AI bases.

Now it is imposible defend bases.

Near all attackers as i use snipers as scouts and there is minimal chance defend against them. And masive altilery on blind positions or discovered positions.

My suggests are:

Units placed in base defence stay behaviour that same as now.
Units try hunt enemy - there is view distance if friendly unit is hit or destroyed in Area of view other alied units then alied units if they are not entrenched then they act move and hunt enemy in first circle of view. If they in view range see enemy they hunt him for another view range - if enemy is dead or disapear then unit move back to his position.

It is stupid that now base reinforcements move only main base where stupid gouping.
I suggest these all reinforcements - if soldiers then they garrison empy base defence structures if they are full they move to attack enemy base.

I put some limitations for units altilery example able only 3-7 blind shots and not more because not have ammo.

Bunkers need more defence points, able some upgrades like gun nests and at guns and able use assault soldiers to capture them.