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    Friends, here you can:

    1) Write your impressions on the first stage of the game
    2) Make your suggestions on how to improve the game

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    It would be nice to repair vehicles

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    I agree have posibity repair vehicles and heal units.

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    1) Found the game interesting, however rather confusing in understanding.Graphics was fantastic, however after looking at the trees & bushes for a while they looked pretty cancerous for some idea why, fps was a bit challenging for my laptop.
    2) Improvements suggested: Improve the tutorial & guide, allow new players to understand & not quit the game.
    Also improve the UI and text, as I feel that its rather difficult to absorb the information that is being passed on, which I find it necessary especially if an enemy bomber is coming or if another group from another part of the map is suddenly being engaged. Also the UI & text are rather small & blur.
    Remove any howitzer or on map support units such as artillery from being used by the attacking team in the assault game mode, its too OP given that defenders use fortifications which are immobile.
    Prefer the concept of siege be the right way for Blitzkrieg 3 in assault mode: Defenders try stall & slow down attackers till time runs out; attackers attempt to penetrate defences & achieve victory before time runs out
    Off-map fire support to be readjusted, decrease radius & damage, however prefer reverting back to the old method of limited fire support points rather than reserve points, as I feel that more reliance on units than fire support is required. & that targets should be chosen more carefully when calling in fire support
    Would prefer defenders not use or use less off-map fire support in defense mode, maybe just artillery or mortar, since personally I think the concept of siege is more viable. However off-map fire support for defenders might probably be more preferable to slow down enemy units since they will have to fall back to avoid further losses
    Anti-aircraft guns & bombers fire support needs to be reworked. Requires some balancing and to play a more larger part in the game.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Would prefer that along with the HQ, there be other facilities in which if attackers destroy, will cause defenders to not be able to use those assets that those buildings provide, however the place for attackers to capture flag, that idea needs to be reworked, as I personally find it weird.

    P.S. Repairing units shouldn't be in place as in blitzkrieg 3 unlike 1 & 2, is focused in blitzkrieg, lightning war, things will be pretty slow & unrealistic if repair units function is put in, would rather call reinforcements than to repair...

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    1) you have some kind problem in your HW, it is not strong or have some system problems - like try reinstal system.
    I do not have any problems with graphic on maximum details in 1900x1200 on GTX 660.

    2) I strongly disagree to unable use hovitzers as units for atacker. Now it is more balanced, because AI can use artilery skills etc. And bases are often in higher grounds and good defence. IT is only on skills of players how smart set defence. Time 30 mins is ok but i like rather have in age 3 have 45 mins anot not sure if there are after release game. Overpovered are KV tanks when are in age 1 or 2. For german units are hard to beat them.

    Support skills are now for me ok. Maybe not set timing from begining for some support.

    Base have functional builing radar that if you destroy it defender not call for reinforcements. I only miss at radar station in base that corner not have Watch tower. And also i want able dig trech for soldiers. And some buildings logicaly provide more space for units that there is posible insert. Example in one map is in center big bunker where i can put only one unit. But space is that can put two units and one unit for that northern part of bunker.

    I like have also option when fight against boris have able play match litle longer time. Now is too fast.

    And also i still missing some units and experience database but not it also about curious what whappen when i train unit for higher level experience.

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    My friend and I both want to play Boris

    Sometimes we cannot find anyone for a 2v2 and we want to play together so it would be good to play a Boris that has, say 2x, the army points.

    The multiplayer interface could be improved. Need to be able to add friends from global chat, see total number of people online, etc

    Air support can be a bit too strong

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    I really like the game, however, it does crash a lot. Nowadays, most, if not all, games crash without an error message. It sometimes crashes during startup and I don't know what is causing that because it isn't consistent. Also, it has some lag issues, where units would freeze, but the rest of the game is fine.

    - I also agree with repairing and healing units like Company of Heroes does. I am sometimes screwed when my heavy tank somehow uses Jedi force powers to reverse the fired shell into itself and takes about 50% of the unit's health away. Seriously, how does a Maus kill itself by shooting a building that was too close?
    - There's also issues with the artillery units where it hits the ceiling of the map instead of the ground or the target. It does this A LOT and instead of 15-30 seconds of bombardment or less in Company of Heroes to clear a wide area, it takes about 3 minutes for me to clear out a building or a small area in this game.
    - The models on some units, especially infantry, do not match the weapon listed for that unit. Like the STG44 and the 88mm Flak 36 <-- This has the model of a 37mm auto cannon... I think. Also, the 88mm Flak cannons are not capable of semi-auto firing nor do they have magazines mounted on the side.
    - The German Fallschirmjägers had FG42's later in the war, not STG44's.
    - The Sturmtiger's accuracy is all over the place. I think I could hit more targets while attempting to hip-fire two M2 Brownings.
    - The manual targeting is unreliable. I click a target for a unit to shoot at and it just stares at it while it soaks-up damage from that target. It's frustrating since the AI path-finding is absolutely retarded. Even when point-blank facing that target, it won't attack until it is almost dead.
    - Infantry are pretty much made out of tissue paper. Upgrading just adds cardboard armor. I don't want them to be bullet-sponges, but at least increase their damage resistance a little. Even infantry vs infantry, my guys get shredded before they decide to start shooting back.
    - I'd also like vehicle skins.

    - I really like the massive amount of units! The only other game that had good modding that added units like the Maus was Men of War Assault Squad 2. It no longer works for me though. Hopefully, you could address these issues.

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    Hello, plz find a solution to play with our friends. We must lauch the battle at the sametime to find a game together. That could be cool is we can create little groupe to attack a base or defend together like a platoon

    - - - Updated - - -

    i think you must had soundtrack like all BK. All players of BK1-2 love the soundtrack and in BK 3 you have 2 music endlessly

    - - - Updated - - -

    And if you can add sound in cinematics plz, that could be great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yoyo57180 View Post
    Hello, plz find a solution to play with our friends. We must lauch the battle at the sametime to find a game together. That could be cool is we can create little groupe to attack a base or defend together like a platoon

    - - - Updated - - -

    i think you must had soundtrack like all BK. All players of BK1-2 love the soundtrack and in BK 3 you have 2 music endlessly

    - - - Updated - - -

    And if you can add sound in cinematics plz, that could be great.
    Good day.
    1) Invite your buddy in a squad and play together. There is such a possibility in the game already.
    But, yes, there is no way to defend or attack a base together.

    2) We will think about that!

    3) If there is no sound in cutscenes for you, there is something wrong in there, cause there is sound and voice-acting included to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frey View Post
    Good day.

    3) If there is no sound in cutscenes for you, there is something wrong in there, cause there is sound and voice-acting included to them.
    i'm talking about V-2 explosion or in the last mission in era 3 german where the aircraft doesn't make sound when it crashed on the ground

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    Quote Originally Posted by yoyo57180 View Post
    i'm talking about V-2 explosion or in the last mission in era 3 german where the aircraft doesn't make sound when it crashed on the ground
    Thank you for the details, I will make sure our testers will look into this matter.
    Last edited by Frey; 07-26-2017 at 01:25 PM.

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    I really enjoy the game.
    There are a few gamebreaking issues though that immediately need fixing.
    1.Aunthentication to server bug.Keeps you on the loading screen forever.I haven't seen this bug since the free weekend though. Could already be fixed.
    2.The Not Authorized bug (reconnect or exit game). You're at the end of a mission and your game freezes for a moment and this pops up and you have to do the mission all over again unless you were smart enough to save in the middle.
    3.The game freeze/crash bug. You're in the middle of a mission and your game suddenly freezes. You can't do anything. 5 minutes later a window comes up with: B3.exe is not responding: Wait to respond or exit game. You choose exit game because the game never responds again, then same as #2.

    1. Always online. Having to always be online for singleplayer really is a let-down. Multiplayer and achievements should be the only things that requires being online. So people should still be able to play singleplayer during maintenance for example or if they haven't payed their internet bill. Game load should also be shorter then because you're not going online.
    2. A single save file. Another let-down. If you do one mission halfway, save and then start another mission and try to save again you're screwed on the first mission. It's not critical just not awesome either.
    3. Upgrades start repeating themselves after a certain point. At least change the names to something more interesting.
    Getting the same upgrade over and over again even when they stack really isn't interesting at all.

    Once all of this is fixed the game will start selling a lot more (without people refunding). I bought the game because I expect these changes to be made within a reasonable amount of time. Then finally You guys should focus on the camera angles, map details, more exciting and interesting missions and other small improvements that can be made which are mentioned in other reviews. You know, polish things up. Balance units out more. (copied my review on the game from steam)

    I would also like to add: something like a combat medic unit would be awesome for healing infantry and a mechanics squad for repairing vehicles.

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    I would also like to add that the female (russian) sniper voice lines are not clean. At the end of each line there is something like static or the sound an old music player makes when you take the hand off the record.

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    Hey guys, I found a bug. The Solid shell upgrade for the KV-85 and SU-85 only works halfway. I checked the SU-85 and then the KV-85 but the characteristics of the KV-85 remain the same.
    I'm not sure if they really are the same or just the unit info display is bugged.

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    1) So far? It sucks. Why?
    2)Get a server that stays up so I can register and play.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I'm a Red Army Soldier? How'd that happen? Any way I can become a US Army dogface?
    If you don't drink beer, the terrorists win.

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    I have experienced the same issues as trigger regarding crashes and that, I have all of the requirements needed to run the game, I lowered the graphics quality to help with lagg, and my internet isn't bad. So I"m confused as to why the game crashes so frequently. I really enjoy this game (when it's not crashing), but the campaign is extremely difficult, I have tried to beat Siege of Sevestapol 41 times, still no victory, even after I look up tutorials on how to beat it. As other people have mentioned medics, and mechanics would be great.

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    I like the game alot,however when people atack my base ,my units are so stupid.So i got couple sugestions:
    1. We need something like to chose the units for each reinforcement and to chose where they go and what they do -defend,patrol or atack. Now all units just sit in the center building just to be killed by arty or bombers.
    2.Also i want to be abble to buy rare projects and prototype units ,it will be good the developers,just couple $ .
    3.Right now i have 16000 research point and nothing more to research,what i do with these points?
    4.My units like the Howitzers are diferend levels ,but their specs are the same ,they did not change.
    5. I am realy tired of all WW2 games covering only the USA,USSR and Germany. I need to see small countrys with their units ,lets say the countrys that were Allied with Germany -Italy,Hungary,Rumania,Bulgaria,Japan, Finland got their units but play same maps and scenarios as Germany.And same with the allied to the USA,USSR and Britain small countrys.I want to see every country in the game ,its boring to play USA,USSR and Germany every game.


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