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    We are very glad to greet you at the forum about “Blitzkrieg 3”. It’s very important to us to always stay in touch with our players: to know what you think about the project and how you would like to see it, answer your questions and pay attention to your suggestion, which you let us know about to make the game more interesting. The Nival team have their finger on the pulse, so everyone will be heard.

    This topic was created for you to ask questions about the past, present and future of the Blitzkrieg series, details on Blitzkrieg 3, company Nival and on other questions related to the project development. To get an ample response, however, we ask you to do the following prior to asking questions:

    - Take a look at our feed of answered questions – it might be that your question has already been answered;
    - Please put your questions in a clear and concise manner – the less time we spend reading questions – the more questions we can answer;
    - Refrain from answering questions or initiating discussions in this topic – it makes the topic inconvenient to keep track of.

    We thank you in advance!

    Answers to your questions will be posted in a special topic approximately once a week. We are doing our best to stay on top of it but we are asking you to remain patient and understanding when there are minor delays of a few days.

    Warm regards,
    Development Team of Blitzkrieg3

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    Hi, in Blitzkrieg 3 are 4 types of cards (units) - normal (grey color), uncommon (or something like that - green color), rare (blue color) and legendary (purple color). Please can i have list of all legendary cards (units)? and any drop chance of those cards (chance of getting them in battle)? Please i really want to know it.

    Thanks, Lucas.

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    It is problematic. :/

    I´m think all Purple units you unlock when finish all missions for every fraction with all objectives like hard etc and get experience for certain gennerals.
    And some purple drop you when you play against boris or atack other players bases or player skirmishes and maybe im thing they can also drop when finish minor misions.

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    Hi how many people work on BK3 plz



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