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    Smile Members introduction

    Hey guys, here is the thread where you can introduce yourself to everyone and discuss your previous gaming experience.
    Let the communication begin

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    Heyy I'm storm. Glad to be here, and I hope to see great things with Blitzkrieg 3!

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    Hello, I am OD.

    I loved playing BK1 and 2 ... and greatly look forward to the next instalment.

    Best wishes to all

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    G'day everyone I'm Squeaky.

    I loved playing BK1 one of my all time favourite games. Didn't get into BK2, played the demo but wasn't for me. I think the reinforcements reminded me too much of a tradition RTS( I hate the normal RTS rush/clickfest). Maybe I'm too fickle?

    What I loved about BK1 was;

    - NO base building
    - Rush tactics didn't work
    - You could pause the action to plan your next move
    - You usually had to use each unit type at the right moment to achieve success
    - Defensive scenarios could be edge of you seat stuff
    - Seriously fun to watch a well positioned anti tank gun tank take out 4 or 5 heavy tanks before it was smashed by enemy artillery fire.
    - Capturing enemy equipment to hold your line or press an attack.
    - Made you think about tactics and unit use, should I try and take out that enemy AA unit with artillery fire and reveal my artillery position or sneak up with a sniper to take out the crew possibly losing the sniper to an patrolling tank.
    - Heaps of user made maps, units, senarios, campaigns to extend the games life.
    - For me it was the right balance between realism and fun.

    What could have been improved;

    - Snipers may have been a little OP.
    - I love unit upgrades and seeing units progress through a campaign, eg. the panzer general series. I don't think BK1 did this very well. Also I guess units are so vunerable/easily lost in BK1 which sometimes made it hard to keep core units alive, unless you tried to keep these units off the front line and then they weren't very useful.
    - One thing I would have loved to see would have been force selection. Enabling you to choose the units you played with. This would have increased replayablity.

    Anyway I look forward to what Blitzkrieg 3 will bring.
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    It's been a few years since I played BK2, and even more years since BK1. If my memory still serves me, BK2 was better because there were more variations in the different missions.

    Access to stores or a warehouse wasn't guaranteed and you could not just stand off and pound the AI to a pulp with artillery. The availability of artillery was more sparing and judicious. The AI in BK2 had more surprises up its sleeve and counter attacks were more frequent. Control of aviation assets were improved in BK2.

    Personally, I found BK2 a better challenge overall.


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    Hi there,

    I'm Chimas, an extremely late RTS player/mapmaker/modder in general.
    I started with CnC Tiberian Dawn a few years ago and always heard about Blitzkrieg.
    This is the outcome dealing with Tiberian Dawn so far: Link

    Later, I played for 2 more years with Homeworld game universe and it has been a tremendous journey and epic battles.
    This is the outcome dealing with Homeworld so far: Link

    I've found last week the Blitzkrieg 2 Anthology and decided to purchase it through Steam. I'm playing all 3 campaigns right now and I'm finding them awesome.
    Later i'll try the expansions and, any mods or maps out there, I'm not aware yet.

    Let's see what we can get with Blitzkrieg 3, glad to be here. Contact me anytime for anything RTS.


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    Hi, im Eraser_SK

    I play Bltizrkrieg 1 and all addons, Blitzkrieg 2... and now im in with Blitzkrieg 3. Cant wait Beta. Paka Paka vsem privet.

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    Hello everybody,

    consider myself as a veteran BK1 gamer.

    To this day the one and only one I ever got addicted to.
    And loved it to the very last day gamespy was working.

    Hope to find familar names in here, sooner or later ...

    from Germany


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    Hi everyone! Im Majesty, I used to play Sudden Strike Forever with UN4 clan. Was hoping to reunite with some of the members from UN4 to play Bk3 with. These are the members I can remember: redman, nemesis(have on fb), tyr, flower, seveneleven, tlr1000, ally mcbeal, and there are many more. If anyone had their contact, please inbox me. It would be great to play together again!

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    Hello. And Bye.
    <a href="">Михаил задорнов. мы (аудиокнига) #</a><br />

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    Members introduction

    I'm new to the forum and AB. Are there any members in the Dallas, TX USA area interested in forming a local support group?

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    Hello I am EriBarbarossa and i am from Slovakia

    I grow up on BK1/2 ,CnC and others .... for now i play Company of heroes 1/2 and enjoy it but its miss smotehing that BK has soo i am really happy to see BK3 on the way

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    hey, im scorpy

    hope to see you all on the battlefield.

    cant wait for the game (closed beta) to start in February.

    oh and im a regular world of tanks player also.


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    Hello. And Bye.
    <a href="">Reflexive Fish Tycoon v7 ключ</a>

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    Members introduction

    Thanks to all the forum members who encouraged others to try something new, and for those adventurous souls willing to give this forum a chance.


    - - - Updated - - -

    I read somewhere that there is a members only section.

    Since I've now been accepted, do I need to be masked as a Member so that I can see the section? I only have General Discussion and News and Announcements, which makes me think I'm missing something...

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    hello, and add the option to users create topics..

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    Members introduction

    See, youd think more members would be better. Then you realize it was Master Chief who posted the poll, and your brain proceeds to fold itself into a klein bottle.

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    Hey, I'm Conman. I found this game by accident while searching for a different game, but ever since I found it I cannot wait to play it hope to see you guys on the battlefield.

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    Hey I'm PanzerAce, found this game while browsing YouTube. This was one of the first games to get me into the RTS genre back during BlitzKrieg 1&2, can't wait to play this great sequel from a amazing developer

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    Hi, I am Specrecce, long time RTS'r, COH, COH2, Battlefront Normandy. I am very much interested what Blitzkrieg 3 will entail!

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    this is very nice post

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    Hi there guys, I'm tomatojuice.
    Passionate BK1 and BK2 player

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    Salut à tous,
    je suis également passionné de BK1 et de BK2, et je suis sûr que BK3 sera encore plus passionnant !

    à bientôt Dudes sur le champ de bataille !!!

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    Hi, I'm Stake

    I started playing BK2 after having a wonderful experience playing the demo so I bought it

    And I loved BK2 Liberation! One of the toughest games I've played!

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    Members introduction

    Thats so mean, yet oddly resonating.

    Already said before, we still only have 30 or so active members, so it doesnt really matter.

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    I am DesertFox, I have been a longtime player of BK. I started with Sudden Strike and continued forward into the BK series. Very good fun. I operate an international gaming community The 116th Panzer Division. We have over 300 active members daily and over 2500 registered members. I am looking forward to playing this very nice game!!

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    2 32
    Hello everyone!
    I am Sturmovik, I been playing games for very long time and love all kind of WW-2 games from RTS to FPS
    Im so happy to see Blitz3 coming to life been palying Blitz2 for ages and loved it can't wait for Blitz3
    So hope to see you all guys around

    P.S fancy meeting you here DesertFox

    "A man without skills can be thought a man without honor has nothing"

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    Hello guys
    I am Rebs VII, i was seriously addicted to blitzkrieg, i played for about 2 years (2003-2005) Hello Matsche! ;-)
    ( i think i also remember Desertfox somehow)

    Sadly, it became impossible to play when i got a new pc, the game was crashing all the time, i get so frustrated so i stopped playing

    Bk2 was quite disappointing as it didnt bring the original feeling and gameplay and since that time, i didnt have another similar feeling while playing a multiplayer rts

    So what will be bk3? I simply wants to be back on the battlefield with my old mates as before and have a good game.

    If not, it might goes directly to the trashcan :-P
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    hello Rebs!

    Too bad BK3 is nothing like BK1.

    So I guess we put BK1 to rest - there's nothing similar around anymore.

    And have to deal with Ver. 3 - like it or not.

    A lot more action and less strategy. For me it doesn't come even close to the game I've been addicted for so many years.
    What a pity.


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    You should be able to play BK1 if you choose "Compatbility mode WinXP" when you right click on the shortcut that is used to start the game.
    This reduces the number of crashes significantly on newer configurations.

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    I´m preordered this game because i look forward to a good Multiplayer like BK1 but without crashes and errors. And now we get a boring Towerdefense ??? BK3 its just a big Disappointments at the moment. I really hope Nival obtain the curve before they lose the hole BK1 community. Nival Team, please integrate a Multiplayer like BK1 with air support and Artillery like BK1. The Damage model of BK1 was and still today a unique. Why u give up these wonderfull things that makes the game so unique.

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    Hello im Guldrion

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    Hi, I'm Jordan 23yrs, for the moment my best experience was with BK2 "i loved IA, large choice of units, graphisms, fluidity, the BK3 multiplayer mode is just "WTF" where is the blitzkrieg spirit, it's to repetitive it's look like a freemium game on facebook. I don't want that, it's boring me, i don't want spend 4 hours on this game to make elvole a building of 1 level. And the forces are absolutely disproportionate, i need 4 KW1 tanks well located to destroy one discovered anti-tank unit, wtf ! It's a good addictive game, but it's not blitzkrieg. So, moreover on some cards you have the choice to appear in different places, but when i choose, i never appear where i've chose !?!

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    Hi everyone, big fan of BK1 and 2 plus I haven't been playing PC games until now.... BK3 yeehaarrrr. Really happy to be involved in this program and between us we can hopefully get the best of the past blended into the new version.Let the battle begin

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    Glad to be here! Played all the originals and waiting for the single player!!

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    Hi, my name is Leon and I hope that we will soon meet on the battlefield where I will crush you in the name of the glorious TBR empire!!!

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    Hey guys, loving this game so far with a few minor exceptions. Looks like the devs are hard at work fixing things though

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    Sup everyone?

    I'm TurtleAndRabbit form the Netherlands!
    Played a lot of CnC with my bestfriend when i was young, later bought a second-hand BK1.
    Actually never stopped playing, and now started playing BK2 and 3.
    I'm a "self-proclaimed" WW2-expert (mostly on Russian vehicles) and sometimes make pages on wikipedia.

    Beside palying WW2 games, I also draw (posted one of my drawings in the creative section) and make militairy models.
    I hope this is going to be an awesome game with an awesome comunity.

    Have fun everyone!

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    177 21
    hi, I'm Heinz, and I can read faces, and smell criminals from miles away.
    "If the tanks succeed, then victory follows." (Heinz Guderian)
    "Germany will either be a world power or will not be at all." (Adolf Hitler)



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