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    Game Barks Contest!

    Greetings, officers!

    We hereby announce the start of the Game Barks Contest!
    Read about the contest here:

    And leave your entries in this thread!

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    Red Army Soldier Guderian01's Avatar

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    Haha... Bark-Contest. That´s what I waited for. I give you one (german) Bark for each category (1-8).

    1. Introduction:
    "Drücke die Schaltfläche Angreifen sonst findet der Krieg ohne dich statt."
    ("Press button Attack else the war happens without your participation.")

    2. Accomplished missions and achieved results:
    General line:
    "Nun könnt ihr euch Priester des Todes nennen und für mehr Krieg beten. Und glaubt mir, eure Gebete werden erhört werden."
    ("Now you can call yourselves Priests of Death and pray for more war. And believe me, your prayers will be heard.")
    Personal line:
    "Endlich haben wir diesen Schrotthaufen beseitigt."
    ("Finally we have removed this scrap heap.")

    3. Ordering support:
    "Wo ist die Luftwaffe wenn man sie mal braucht?"
    ("Where is the airforce once you need it?")

    4. Detect the enemy:
    "Der Iwan* sitzt scheinbar überall."
    ("Those Russians* seem to be everywhere.")
    *Alternative "Tommy" for the British and "Ami" for the US

    5. Reactions on neutral events:
    "Besser wir sehen zu, dass wir hier wegkommen."
    ("We might as well withdraw.")

    6. Reactions on negative events:
    "Mein Material können sie zerstören aber mich nicht!"
    ("They might destroy my material but not me!")

    7. Reactions on the landscape:
    "Kein guter Platz um einen Urlaub hier zu verbringen."
    ("No good place for a vacation")

    8. Reactions on uneventful moments:
    "Das ist kein Blitzkrieg sondern ein Sitzkrieg."
    ("This is no Blitz-War but a Sitting-War.")

    Credit 1 - For the sniper:
    "Ich erfülle den Willen Gottes, weil ich den Himmel täglich mit neuen Seelen beliefere."
    ("I execute Gods will because I deliver every day new souls to heaven.")

    Credit 2 - Infantry Soldier talks once the mission is about to fail:
    "Bravo, jetzt bin ich endlich Zugführer und diese paar Männer sind mein Zug."
    ("Great, finally I become platoonleader and those few men are my platoon.")

    - Keep the "old" german phrases from BK1/2. I find them pretty amusing.
    - Remove phrases related to the player like "Why are you clicking on me?". I think the troops shall not be aware of what "God" (i.e. the player) is doing.
    - The german commanders voice giving orders sounds far much too young, as if he is 20 to 25 years of age only. Officers conducting those kind of missions in WW2 on the german side where usually at the age of 30 to 40 years.
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    There are no desperate situations, there are only desperate people.
    (Heinz W. Guderian, one of the founders of Blitzkrieg strategy)

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    Junior Sergeant TurtleAndRabbit's Avatar

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    I have some suggestions as well (most of them are translatable to other languages, but my German is bad and Russian non-existing, so that is up to you).

    1. Tutorial
    "order your soldiers to hide in the buildings, otherwise it will be a short war"

    2. Completing missions and achieving results
    "Their dead weren't in vain"

    3. Requesting Support
    "It will be cloudy, with a change of heavy bombing"
    - When a bomber-support is called

    4. Spotting an enemy
    "Looks like we got something to shoot at!"
    "That ain't rabbits! Those are (insert nation)!"

    5. Reaction to combat actions
    "They chipped/scratched our paint!"
    -For bouncing an enemy shell

    "Eat rockets!"
    -When a rocket artillery fires

    6. Reaction to debuffing
    "Looks like we gotta walk boys"
    -When a track is blown off

    7. Reaction to the terrain
    "My boots are filling with water"

    8. Reaction to staying idle
    "So which comes first? Aim or fire?"
    "Should a rifle be able to do this?" (in a very confused/scared tone)
    "My butt is hurting from all this sitting"

    I would like to hear (the Russian version of) "Why do these shells need to be so heavy?" for the KV-2.

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    Red Army Soldier patrickbrownh's Avatar

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    1. Introduction:
    “Stand up straight you dozzy shower .You’re all a shower!

    2. On Morning Parade.
    “Get your hair cut and make sure its your monies worth!”
    “Tomorrow! Stand closer to the razor!”
    “Tomorrow I want to be able to see my reflection in the toe caps of your boots”

    3. Accomplished missions and achieved impossible results:
    “Well done Lads”

    4. Ordering air support:
    “ We need you flyboys asa!”
    “ Where the hell are you?”

    4 Sight of the enemy infantry:
    “ Stand to Defence !”
    “Steady Lads, steady!”
    “At your target in front three rounds rapid, Fire!”
    “UP! And at them!”

    5. All Artillery Action:
    “ Take Posts !”
    “Copy radio range co-ordinates”
    “ All Guns ready!”
    Action over.
    “ Stand down !”

    6 Reactions on neutral events:
    “We will all be home by Christmas!”
    “What Year?”

    7.Reactions on negative events:
    “What a bucket of crap”
    “Who do you think dreamed up this fiasco?”
    “And they don’t have to pay the piper”
    “The usual inbreed idiots”

    8. Reactions on the landscape:
    “Is this seeing the World?”
    “What a miserable place. Not a fish and chip shop in sight”

    9. Reactions on uneventful moments:
    " When do the Royal Family arrive?”
    “Just after the Dancing Girls!”

    10. For the sniper:
    “You’re on your own, Mate !”
    “Does your Mum know what you do for a living?”

    10. The mission is about to fail:
    Soldier “We all know who the hell got us into this mess”
    Officer “Die Hard Lads ! Die Hard ! Fix Bayonets and for the honour of the Regiment”
    Soldier ”We all know where you can stick that honour!”

    11. The mission is about to succeed
    *I could do with a hot cup of tea with loads of sugar and a fag!”
    “How about a Whiskey and cigar?”
    “No, just a cup of hot tea is all I need”
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