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    Product description changed

    Even if 0.8 patch came with many improvements, more balance and realism, it also came with an interesting game description change:

    Blitzkrieg 3 is a true online real-time strategy game. The core gameplay is online battles where one side attacks and the other defends, just like in real wars.

    please define: true online real-time strategy game, and explain why BK3 is no more the product I bought :

    Blitzkrieg 3 is an innovative real-time strategy game, blending single-player and multiplayer modes to breathe new life into the RTS genre. It continues the successful Blitzkrieg series, which has won over forty awards, including numerous "Game of the Year" and "Editor's Choice" accolades. Blitzkrieg 3 presents a true picture of World War II beyond politics, and enables players to feel like commanders of the era. Blitzkrieg 3 is being developed by Nival, which has created top strategy games for seventeen years.

    So even if u suddenly changed the product description I expect to get what I payed for, and that is Blitzkrieg 3 presents a true picture of World War II beyond politics, and enables players to feel like commanders of the era.
    because I m not interested in random true online real-time strategy game with random fantasy content and historical unrealistic units...BK3 supposed to be historical accurate, as the name implies, not fantasy or cold war era fiction random RTS.

    The game could be great as it is but I will not pay for it for simple fact that I m not interested in fiction...
    So please tell us what are your intentions regarding these issues, because if the content remains as it is atm I will cancel my account and I will get full refund.

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    maybe you get the point now when I m saying I don't pay for fiction...ak47gandalf.jpg
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    If you want to find out more, and why this happened. Please contact :

    Have a good day.

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