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    A couple more bugs

    1. Unit shooting through cliff


    2. Paratrooper destroys barbed wire near bunker

    Note that I have first discovered this bug while using smoke over the bunker and then try to assault the bunker with the para. What happens is that because of barbed wire the para stops right near the bunker and when the smoke dissipates the wire is destroyed. Then I tested this out by simply moving a para near the bunker and when they get there the wire is destroyed. It seems to be related to the grenade throw action somehow...


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    1. I lost 8 games because the game did not let me use any ground forces from the beginning of the battle! I can only use Arty and Aviation in those battles ?!?!
    2.Other player start bombard my communication center. He destroy it with Arty. He did not captured any control points and i destroy his army. He got the victory?!?!?! This same happened in couple of games.
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    What is this? I cant play AI game?!Blitzerror001.jpg

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    Problems every day ?! Blitzerror002.jpg

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    Please, send to log-files of game.

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    Who will tell me why I did not get any ground reserves at all from the beginning of the defence vs real player,so far I lost 10 games because of this?!?!?!?!?Blitz3error.jpg

    11th game lost because the game did not let me use any ground reserve units?!?!?! Blitzerror004.jpg

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    This game is garbage,i am loosing game after game vs real players,because it did not let me use any of my ground reserves .....Blitzerror005.jpg

    0 ground reserves?!?!?!?!?! Blitzerror006.jpg
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    Looks like no body care to fix this bug ,i lost more then 20 multiplayer games vs real players because the game did not let me play any ground reserves.

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    I will probably say the obvious, but reserves are linked to the units u have already bought before the battle starts. So if you have in you army only 5 tanks and you already had them deployed, you will not get any other reserves.

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    Good job guys! You work really well. Its my favorite game looking this screen

    BlitzKrieg3 - Ony love
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    I got 10 units from each available ground forces. I lost more then 20 games ,because I did not get any ground forces when play vs real player. I did win one battle vs real player using only Arty,aviation and paratroopers,and 2 -3 other battles they beat me at the last min. Other bug I got is when I play vs AI I did not get arty or aviation. The unit windows become foggy ,just like when they counting but never get available.

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    Mods plsss...

    But I had a bug too.

    Yesterday my Communication building didnt let me call any Arty- or Airsupport... I mean at all! And it was only shot maybe 3 times from a tank...



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    Hi, guys!
    Please, send log-files of the game to
    In advance, write about all bugs you met in the game on that e-mail. Thanks!



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