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    Interesting World War 2 Stories

    Great quick story a way in which Rommel Truly was a Soldiers Soldier and did not willingly commit atrocities during the War.

    Soldier Roy Wooldridge's life saved by Nazi Erwin Rommel

    A former soldier has revealed how a Nazi general spared him from the firing squad in World War Two.
    Roy Wooldridge, 95, from Hendy, Carmarthenshire, was seized while on a mission in France just before D-Day and taken to Erwin Rommel.
    The Royal Engineer was brought before Rommel and asked if he needed anything. He replied "a pint of beer, cigarettes and a good meal".
    Now, that empty cigarette packet will feature on the BBC's Antiques Roadshow.
    Mr Wooldridge, who was twice awarded the Military Cross, was sent a telegram ordering him to report to his unit just three days after his wedding in 1944.
    The lieutenant, who was later promoted to captain, was sent to the French beaches with a colleague to ensure there were no mines which could blow up the boats during the D-Day landings.
    Due to the secretive nature of the mission, he was not wearing a uniform or carrying identification.

    Erwin Rommel was a respected general who was nicknamed the Desert Fox

    The duo were captured on a dinghy in the Channel by Nazis aboard a U-boat.

    Mr Wooldridge, who now lives in Cardiff, was repeatedly interrogated and told "if you don't answer the questions, we'll hand you over to the Gestapo and you'll get shot", but all he would divulge was his name, rank and number.
    'Saboteur' He was then blindfolded and taken to a chateau where he was ordered up a flight of stairs.
    "I opened the door...and there standing behind the desk was Field Marshall Rommel, so I gave him the courtesy of standing to attention.
    "I respected him as a clean fighter, under his command there was no atrocities by the German troops."
    After his request to the general, he was taken to the mess hall where a stein of beer, a packet of cigarettes and a meal of meatballs, potatoes and sauerkraut were waiting.
    He asked the German soldier sat next to him: "I am only a British lieutenant, why have a been brought to see General Rommel? He said 'because General Rommel is always interested in meeting people who are doing something a bit unusual.'"
    After his meeting with Rommel, he was taken to Paris.
    He said: "When I got to the Prisoner of War camp, a German guard who spoke English said 'you're a very lucky man, if you hadn't been to see Rommel you would have been shot as a saboteur.'"
    Mr Wooldridge took a collection of memorabilia, including his medals and the cigarette packet, to be valued by the experts on the Antique Roadshow.

    Pretty cool right? You guys feel free to post anything you got! I know I read it ~ I love everything about WW2..

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    Heinz Guderian for life O7

    He got a nice home in Poland after his successful Blitzkrieg, and then the Russians took it away.
    "If the tanks succeed, then victory follows." (Heinz Guderian)
    "Germany will either be a world power or will not be at all." (Adolf Hitler)

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    Interesting World War 2 Stories

    Ive had some very interesting conversations. Some good, some not so good. In this thread Ill post some of them.

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    [QUOTE=Rommel99;3812] "Rommel Truly was a Soldiers Soldier and did not willingly commit atrocities during the War."

    1) Rommel was not involved in ANY atrocities. "I respected him as a clean fighter, under his command there was no atrocities by the German troops" (Wooldridge).

    "Soldier Roy Wooldridge's life saved by Nazi Erwin Rommel."

    2) Rommel was never a Nazi. Like the rest of the Wehrmacht, he was obliged to swear allegiance to Hitler.

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    This is what I've always herd, who are some of the other famous generals that would if given a choice not been associated with the Natzi party I wonder?


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    That sounds great I cant wait to read them ~ I started the thread for some of us to whom are more versed in the actual history of the War & should enjoy the good company I hope to find here very much! Let the story telling and information swapping begin!


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    I started the thread for some of us to whom are more versed in the actual history of the War & should enjoy the good company I hope to find here very much! Let the story telling and information swapping begin!


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    Thanks to the forum troll above ^^ I discovered this nice topic.

    I don't remember the details exactly, but I've once seen a very nice documentary about a German fighter pilot and a British bomber pilot. The story goes that a badly damaged UK bomber, with most of the crew killed or badly wounded but our pilot was trying to return home, when a German fighter spotted it and was closing in for the kill. However, when the German pilot noticed how badly the bomber was damaged, he instead decided to escort the bomber over the English Channel.

    The British pilot managed to arrive safely home and so he searched for his savior after the war, to find out that he also was lucky enough to survive the war. They remained best friends until the time of the filming.

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    He was viewed as Hitler’s finest General, admired even by the Allies for his skills as a military leader. But to one captured British soldier, Erwin Rommel was the man who saved his life – and gave him beer and cigarettes.

    Captain Roy Wooldridge, from the Royal Engineers, has told how he was introduced to the ‘Desert Fox’ after being taken prisoner in France.
    He had been caught during a covert night-time reconnaissance mission ahead of the D-Day landings. Without uniform or identification due to the secrecy of the operation, he was treated as a spy and told he would be shot. But Field Marshal Rommel requested a meeting with the new prisoner and asked the Brit if there was anything he needed. Captain Wooldridge said he replied: ‘A good meal, a pint of beer and a packet of cigarettes.’ To his astonishment he was then ushered into Rommel’s mess, where all three items were waiting for him.

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    The Gentle Interrogator.

    Hanns Scharff was not meant to be part of the German army. He lived in South Africa with his family, but was drafted when visiting Germany when the war broke out. His wife convinced a general to put him with interpreters instead of front lines, but through a series of mistakes and coincidences, he became the lead interrogator for the Allied pilots felled in France and Germany. Having seen a prisoner abused when he was an assistant, he vowed against doing the same. Instead, his technique was unique in using kindness and friendly conversation to extract information.

    Scharff’s success in using kindness to get what he wanted has been recently studied and compared to other interrogation techniques. It’s been found that not only does one tend to get more information and more accurate information from the prisoner; the prisoner is often unaware of how much information they’ve given away. Imagine a movie that explored this unique approach rather than 24’s techniques.

    After the war, Scharff divorced and moved to the United States, marrying an American and finding success in a new career as a mosaic artist. One of his works appears in the Magic Kingdom Castle at Disney World.

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    Hi, I'm new here, and I feel bad I'm posting on this thread simply because I can't create a thread for some reason. I simply want help figuring out what's wrong with the game. Every mission I play in the game the computer crashes to a black screen, asks me to close the program, and brings me back to the desktop. I have all the minimum and recommended requirements to run the game, and I even lowered the graphics settings on the in game play. Is this a bug, or a computer issue?



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