Blitzkrieg 3 is a true online real-time strategy game. The core gameplay is online battles where one side attacks and the other defends, just like in real wars.

Choose your side in the largest-scale war in the history of mankind and fight with real players from all over the world!

Build your fortifications, gain access to advanced military developments, and earn the right to be assigned to more critical sectors of the front. Demonstrate your strategic mastery in the single player campaign by taking part in the key operations of the European Theatre.

Game Features

  • The main multiplayer mode consists of the attack and defence of fortified areas
    The multiplayer game is a simulated front line where one player attacks key strategic points and the other defends them. Assault the fortifications of players from all over the world and build up your own defences so that any attacking enemy gets clobbered. Now there’s a challenge worthy of a real strategist!
  • Historical Campaign of 1939–45
    The historical single player campaign covers the main period of World War II, from the Invasion of Poland in 1939 to the capture of Berlin by Soviet forces in 1945. Throughout the campaign, you can try fighting as all three game factions and participate in the most interesting tactical operations of World War II. The best strategists will get extra rewards for completing optimal playthroughs!
  • Three Sides to the Conflict
    The USSR, the Axis powers, or the Western Allies—choose whose side you will join! Take command over one of the sides in the conflict and have a wide range of World War II military units—from assault squads to rocket artillery—at your disposal. Your soldiers aren’t just bargaining chips. Every one of them can work his way up from a greenhorn novice to a battle-hardened veteran, and extra field finalization in the Engineer’s Workshop allows you to customize any military unit to meet your tactical needs.
  • Continuous Gameplay
    Never stop fighting, even if you turn off your computer! While you are studying or working, the general you assign takes command over your fortifications. Place defensive lines in potential attack directions and let the AI finish what you have started.
  • Game Commanders
    Appoint Montgomery as the commander of your forces and defeat Manstein! Rokossovsky, Patton, and other World War II commanders, each with his own unit assignment and favourite combat tactics, make the tactical development of the game even more diverse.
  • One Unified Game World
    So you live in the US and your opponent lives in Germany? No problem! Blitzkrieg 3 allows players from all over the world to play on a single server, in a single game world, without any barriers or language restrictions.
  • No Subscriptions or Microtransactions
    You pay only once: when you buy the game. There are no extra payments, such as monthly subscriptions or microtransactions. All game content (an Early Access version right now and the full copy on the day of the official release) is at your complete disposal!

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Take command over your own fortified base in this true online real-time strategy game with one side attacking and the other defending. No subscriptions or microtransactions.

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